Trick or treat?

I’m not a party pooper. Really I’m not. I just don’t get all the fuss, that’s all. I have avoided the all the Halloween stuff for as long as I could.  It’s not something that was ever a part of our family tradition when I was a kid, nor did it feature in the lives of anyone else I knew. It seems only in the last 10 years or so that Halloween has become a bit of a ‘thing’ in Australia…. and I’m convinced it is only because store owners have decided it’s a bit of a money spinner.

And does anyone really know what it’s all about anyway? I’m sure none of the local kids that come a-knocking on my door have a clue what Halloween is about. For them it’s just a great excuse to get dressed up and scam some sweet treats out of the neighbours. It used to really annoy me. In fact, one year I asked every child who came to the door if they could explain the origins of Halloween. Not one of them could. I gave them each a treat, told them to go home and google Halloween, and said I’d give them 5 bucks if they came back the next day and explained the origins of the celebration. No one came back. But I’m not a party pooper. Really, I’m not.

It’s a wonder my house wasn’t egged.

Anyway, my kids have finally worn me down. They went trick or treating for the first time last year (just to about three houses, all people we know and all set up in advance). They had a lot of fun. And yes, they know what Halloween’s all about (well at least the older one does, the three-year-old is probably a bit young to get it just yet). And this year, I’ve decided if I can’t beat ’em, then I’ll join ’em…. and I made it really worthwhile to come a-knocking on my door. You see, with each treat, I also handed out a greeting card, each with a unique number. And now I’m going to draw one of those numbers at random, to see who has won a free photo shoot and a $100 credit towards their print purchase. Wow! Now that’s a treat!


Number 18! Congratulations! If you hold the card with that number, please contact me asap so I can send you a proper gift voucher for your session. There’s a contact page on this blog, or you can visit my website and contact me via there. (You’ll have to show me your card so that I can verify you actually have number 18.)

Oh, how I hate to disappoint the rest of you!…. so here’s what I’ll do: If you contact me, I’ll send you a voucher for a free mini concertina album (they’re really cute!) and $50 credit towards print purchases from your next session with vividity. I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon! (Again, you’ll have to show me your card as proof that you are part of the trick-or-treat draw.)

Oh, and if you’re interested, here’s a link to a site that explains the origins of Halloween.

PS: I was going to publish this post tomorrow, 1st November, but I have since joined the communication shutdown, which means I will be ‘off-line’ tomorrow. So, I brought this forward to tonight. It might turn up on some of my facebook pages tomorrow, but it won’t actually be me putting it there. I’ve set things up so it just automatically posts to facebook from here, but for some reason it doesn’t always turn up at a predictable time. Don’t know why. Maybe the internet fairies have work to rule days from time to time.

Oh, and that reminds me: Join me on facebook! There’s a link over on the right of your screen. It’s at the bottom. You might have to scroll down a bit.  It’s worth becoming a fan (i.e. ‘like’ vividity photography by Jennifer Taylor), because not only do you get to keep up with all the news, but also from time to time I will run facebook only specials and giveaways. So go on. Click that button, and I’ll see you over there!

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I hate it, I hate it, I HATE Halloween! | vividity - […] PS: To my pleasant surprise, Halloween was whisper quiet around here this year. The only trick-or-treaters we had were the kids from next door, unlike the last few years where we’ve had so many kids (and some of them way too old to be trick or treating in my opinion) that we’ve all but run out of treats. I’m not a party-pooper, though. Really, I’m not. […]

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