Look what just arrived! {vividity, Sydney child and family photographer}

I love this job! It’s like being Santa. I get to deliver beautiful goodies like this:

And here are some of the layouts inside:

I had the opportunity to photograph this baptism a while ago, but I’ve held off on blogging about the shoot until I had delivered the album. Can’t spoil the fun for my clients! I’m thrilled to bits with how this turned out. Such a great quality album, all hand stitched, and they did a fabulous job with printing the cover. So lovely! I can’t wait to do some more of these. Such a great way to display your images and be able to pass them on to your kids when they’re all grown up.

Apologies for the blur over the name on the cover. I promise all my clients that I won’t use their names (unless they ask me to!)…. I guess it’s just in-grained after years in the academic world where research participants’ names were protected more than Fort Knox. I don’t mention my own family members’ names here, either. I know it’s pretty much the done thing amongst photographers and other blog authors to talk about their children and call them by name. And I understand the warm-fuzzy feeling that’s generated for readers by sharing that level of detail. I feel like I really know some of the authors of blogs I stalk… er… read, because I am privy to all sorts of details about their lives. But I just can’t bring myself to do the same. I don’t know what my children and husband will be doing years from now. Imagine if my daughter one day becomes Prime Minister. (Good Lord! Imagine!) She probably wouldn’t want photos of her in the nicky-noo plastered all over the cover of Woman’s Day! So, I choose not to identify her by name here. You’ll see my children and husband called all sorts of things on this blog, but never by their names.

What do you think about that? I’d be interested to know how you (other blog authors) handle this decision, and why you choose to do what you do. And I’d love to hear from my readers and clients what they think about the lack of names here.

Have a happy day!

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bang photography - For clients I’m firmly with you if we’re talking portraiture, if it has the children in no names unless permission is requested and granted. Adults I’m willing to use first names . Commercial work, company name will be used but that blog post won’t arrive until after client receives the finished product, I’ll maybe post a teaser image without client info though if I well it relevant.
Now as to personal images and info, I think it’s a personal thing. It depends on how comfortable you are about people knowing your life (well the bits you choose to share). As photographers our blogs are (to some degree) our shop fronts and I’m guessing you wouldn’t put family photographs of the kids up in the shop windows, especially any “nicky-noo” ones, come to that I wouldn’t use any “nicky-noo” client shots either.
So I reckon it’s just up to the individual blogger, some people in life just tell you everything about themselves on first meeting (and I mean everything, you know the “too much information” types) with others it can take years of friendship to even discover they have kids.

vividity - Thanks for that Mark. I guess it’s like any work relationship: finding a balance between being warm and personable on the one hand and professional on the other. Not necessarily mutually exclusive, if done with decorum.

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