All tied up

Here’s my most recent yarn purchase.


It’s not yarn that I actually want. Nor do I particularly like it.

So why did  I buy it? Why doesn’t it have ball bands? Why does it look like I’ve already used it, undone what I made and wound it up again by hand?

Let me tell you why.

A few weeks ago I had to make a trip into the city with my nearly-two-year-old toddler in tow. “That’s not too bad,” I hear you say. “You live in Sydney. What’s wrong with a nice train ride across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, showing your dear little one the opera house, the sparkling clear blue water? What a lovely thing to do!”

Well yes. You’re right. It was a beautiful day, the harbour was looking its best, and my boy loved the train ride.

We took care of our errand and then, to make the trip worthwhile, I decided to visit a wool store in the city. It has quite a reputation, and I had never been in before, so I was really looking forward to it.

It was already quite late in the morning by the time we reached the wool store. My darling boy was showing signs of being tired, hungry and thirsty. The ground floor of the shop is tapestry supplies and the like. The knitting and crochet section is down a beautiful old curved….. and steep!…. staircase. We found somewhere on the ground floor to leave the pram, and down the stairs we went, slowly and carefully. The staircase is not that big, but by the time we reached the bottom, my nearly-two-year-old was desperate for a feed. (Yes, I’m still breastfeeding him. It works so well for us, why would we stop?)

So, we found somewhere to sit and have a feed. “This will calm him down,” I thought. “I should get a good look at the yarn and things after this. Ooh…. look at that yarn over there. That looks gorgeous. Oh, and I must have a look at that one, too. Oh, and over there. Wow! What beautiful colours! So glad we came!” This went on for about ten minutes, after which my boy climbed down off my lap.

Right. Now to the yarn.

Two minutes later, I was chasing my boy up the beautiful, curved and steep staircase. And again a minute after that. And again two minutes later. I found him somewhere to sit and each a sandwich.

Right. Now to the yarn.

I was just looking at some luxurious handspun, hand dyed yarn when I noticed, out of the corner of my eye, my child all tied up in wool…. much like a kitten.

“Looks like we’re buying that!” I said to the less-than-impressed shop assistant.

And my boy certainly has good taste! He didn’t find the $4.50 balls of wool. No. Not my boy. He had wrapped himself from head to toe in the best. Wool and silk blend.


From Italy.

We left the shop with the four balls of wool you saw above, and $65 less in my purse!

The little dear.

It took me a whole evening to untangle it. (Should have photographed it while it was tangled up!) Now, what am I going to do with it? Anyone have a good pattern for knitted handcuffs, toddler-size?

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Jennie - Oh my goodness, that has to be one of the nightmare scenarios for parents! Thankfully, my two didn’t do anything like this, but probably only because they didn’t get the chance – we’re poorly off for yarn shops here in South Wales:-(.

Maybe a toddler-sized straitjacket would be more appropriate – would keep him warm in the winter!

jennytaylor - Not a bad idea, Jennie!

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Rosalind - oh dear! that would have been a good photo!

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