Quite a haul! Does this mean I can call myself an ‘award winning portrait photographer’?

Do you hate it when people brag? Well, you might need to look away, because I’m about to brag BIG time!

Here are some images that were awarded bronze in the most recent Portrait Masters Awards, a competition I enter from time to time, judged by a panel of top level photographers from around the world. It’s tough! Anyway, here they are:

Asian woman wearing dark lipstickwoman wearing pink gown, seated with gown hitched up to show paisley boots.collection of portraits with bronze award badges

Ready to book a shoot for yourself? There’s a $100 off voucher, and a super sweet deal if you book within seven days waiting for you here: TAKE ME TO THE VOUCHER

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Such a dirty word! {Sydney boudoir photographer}

So… I did a thing and introduced boudoir shoots into my studio.

I’ve done lots of boudoir style included in other shoots, of course — lingerie AND LinkedIn profile pics? You betcha! — but I’ve had so many more people asking for boudoir of late, that I’ve now introduced full boudoir sessions as a stand alone offering.

“Is there anything that you brought along that we haven’t photographed that you’d really like to do before we wrap up our shoot today?” I ask at the end of most sessions.

“Well,” says my client, shyly.  “I did bring some lingerie…”


I must say, though, I do have a problem with the word “boudoir” for the style of photography I’m offering. It sometimes seems like such a dirty word. Boudoir photos are often so tacky. Check out the hashtag “tasteful boudoir” or “classy boudoir” on Instagram, and you’ll find anything but classy and tasteful images! (I’m on a mission to change that!) They have a tendency to be all tits and arse, doing nothing more than continuing the objectification of women’s bodies. And that’s NOT what I’m about. Not at all! But I have no idea what else to call it… so ‘boudoir’ it shall remain.

black and white image of woman lying on her side on a bed wearing balconette bra and pantiescollage of black and white boudoir images, brunette with shoulder-length hair

I went to my Instagram followers with my problem and one of them, Steven Fleming of Pride Swimwear (an ex-academic like me! And from my home town of Newcastle, NSW!) suggested that I should stick with boudoir because it’s what the genre is already known as. Keep the word and redefine it. AND he very kindly went on to say that my style of boudoir (which I describe as cool rock chick meets Greek Goddess) is “boudoir the way it ought to be done”.

Thank you Steven! I’m pretty chuffed with that! So much so that I think it will become my tagline. What do you think?

Boudoir photography, the way it ought to be done.

black and white collage of boudoir images of a young woman with shoulder length brunette hair

Of course, you can still combine things into one shoot like you always could, because when you book a shoot with me the whole day is set aside just for you. Did you know that?

Yes, I will book out the whole day for you so that if we need an extra half hour or so to get that one killer shot, we can take it without stressing about running late and bumping up against the next client walking in the door for her shoot. You, my dear, are my only client for the day when you come in for your session. What luxury!!

Unless, of course, you decide to share your shoot. (Your booking fee covers hair and makeup for up to two people…)*

Did you know you can do that?

All standard shoots are shareable.
That means that you can:

  • come for a shoot and make it entirely about you, if you want, and not share it with anyone. This is the perfect way to go if you want to, say, update your business photos and then do some glamour or boudoir looks, too.
  • come in and take care of your work portraits and have your family join you at the end. That way we can create some great pieces for your wall, or an album maybe, and some gift prints for Grandma for Christmas too.
  • bring a colleague along to share the shoot with you, and split the cost with her
  • share the day with your sister, or your best friend, and we will run two parallel shoots: one for you, one for her

Want to find out more?
Drop me a note using the “talk to me” tab at the top of this post.

Want to book a shoot?
Great! I have a really great offer on boudoir shoots at the moment** that saves you $740. You can grab yourself one of those here (if there are any left! There are only 10 on offer at that price.)

Jen x

PS: Leave me a comment below to let me know what you think of the word ‘boudoir’ and the new tagline, ‘boudoir photography, the way it ought to be’


*Prices and pricing structure subject to change. The information in this blog post is accurate as at 1st March 2021.
**At the moment = March 2021, until sold out.

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NOTHING to wear? No worries. We’ve got you covered. (Or not, if you prefer that option!)

One of the biggest things that stops people coming in for a photoshoot — OK it really only stops women —  is the belief that they have nothing appropriate to wear.

What a load of BS that is!

I bet if I came and stood in front of your wardrobe I’d find plenty of things that would photograph fabulously on you. And that’s a service that’s included in your booking fee, by the way. Yes, I will come to your home and help you work out what to bring to your photoshoot so that you don’t have to stress about it. Once we’re done, you’ll have a range of outfits all laid out ready to go. Snap a few pics of them with your phone and voila! packing for your shoot’s a breeze!

And if my styling skills aren’t enough, then I can happily put you in touch with at least three fabulous stylists who will work with you to create the perfect outfits for your shoot with me.

AND if you’re still not overflowing with clothing options, you’re more than welcome to raid the styling rack at my studio.

AND IF THAT’S STILL NOT ENOUGH we can actually make clothes on you specifically for your shoot.

Yep. On the spot.

Of course, when I say ‘clothes’, you probably wouldn’t want to leave the studio in them because they’re held together with clips, pins and loose tacking stitches… so probably not what you want to wear to school pick up at the end of the day BUT they look fabulous in your photos!

Don’t believe me?

Take a look at this:
This little black ‘dress’ is actually just some black sashes that I have in my studio wardrobe. The beauty of sashes and bits of fabric is that I can make different looks to suit different body shapes and sizes, all from the same piece. Brilliant, no?

6 images of asian lady wearing different variations of a little black dress


The same piece, used a different way:

Dark toned black and white portrait of girl with long wavy hair with black fabric draped to make a loose sleeve


And of course, the option to wear (next to) nothing at all is always there, too:

collage of various women in boudoir style photos

You’re welcome to book a shoot with me at my St Leonards portrait studio any time. You can get in touch at the top of this page, if you like. Happy to answer any questions you might have about having a photoshoot with me, including sending you my full price list prior to you booking in.

Jen x

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And the winner is…

We have a winner of the $1200 print and product credit from the This is 50 competition:

congratulations to CHRISTINE C of  Rose Bay!

Christine, I’m looking forward to our interview and photoshoot for the This is 50 project. Can’t wait to see what you choose to spend that $1200 print and product credit on!

Oh, and remember that’s in addition to the $250 you get as part of the project, so in total you have $1450 to spend! Yay!!


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So THIS IS 50, hunh?


I’m turning 50 this year.

That makes my dad feel old.

I’m the last of four, so his wee little one is now well and truly all grown up. (I guess. Though sometimes I’m not so sure I’ll ever be a proper grown up!)

Anyway…. 50 I will be, and to celebrate I’m launching a new project: This is 50*

Have you noticed how once we reach a certain age, women begin to disappear from screens, magazines, commercials (unless they’re the face of retirement villages and incontinence pads, that is!) Why is that? Have you ever asked yourself that? I don’t see myself as being anywhere near that demographic. Maybe I’m in denial? Or maybe older women are just under-represented in the press.

I’m on a mission to change that.
Over the next 18 months I want to bring more 50 year olds in front of my camera — fifty of them in fact! –  to photograph them and ask them what they think about getting older, what they’ve learned, what they think about the lack of older women in the press….. And because it’s my birthday there’s a gift involved too.

No…. you don’t have to buy me anything! (Although, if you feel strongly led to do so, you can search the ‘wish list’ category on this blog and find a few things that might be well-received…. particularly the one about the Little Black Jacket! ;-))

No, the gift is from me to you:
The “This is 50″ shoots are being sold for less than half my usual price… actually I’m only asking you to cover the cost of my makeup artist for the session ($200) AND I’m giving everyone who books one of these sessions $250 in print and product credit. All up, that would usually cost you $745, and you get that for just $200. Not bad, hey?

Anyone who pays that $200 booking fee for a This is 50 shoot by Monday 16th September 2019 will go into the draw to win an additional $1200 print and product credit towards the purchase of images from their shoot.

It’s my super-duper 50th birthday present to you.

Interested? Make sure you book in by 16th September 2019! Full T&Cs below.


  • Entry to this competition requires proof of purchase of a “This is 50” photoshoot from Jennifer Taylor t/a vividity for the cost of $200.
  • Entrants must be turning 50 years of age in 2019 or 2020 in order to be eligible.
  • Entries open 22nd July 2019 and close at 5:00 pm on Monday 16th September 2019.
  • Entrants agree to receive promotional material from Jennifer Taylor t/a vividity. Personal details of the entrants will not be shared with any other organisation or agencies.
  • Entrants agree to the public display of any and all images from their “This is 50” shoot by Jennifer Taylor t/a vividity.
  • One winner will be drawn at random on 10:00 am on Tuesday 17th September 2019 at 2B Northcote Street, St Leonards, NSW. The draw will be broadcast live on the business page for vividity photography by Jennifer Taylor on Facebook.
  • The winner will be notified by phone and email on Tuesday 17th September 2019.
  • The winner will be announced on Facebook at the conclusion of the live draw, and in a separate post to the vividity photography by Jennifer Taylor Facebook business page. The winner will also be announced on the vividity blog (www.vividity.com.au/blog). These announcements will be made as soon as practicable after the draw on Tuesday 17th September 2019, at latest by close of business that day.
  • The winner has 7 days from the 17th September 2019 to claim their prize (i.e. book a date for their shoot). Failure to confirm within this time frame will result in a forfeited prize and an instant re-draw.
  • Should a re-draw be required, a second winner will be drawn at random on Wednesday 25th September 2019 at 2B Northcote Street, St Leonards, NSW. The draw will be broadcast live on the business page for vividity photography by Jennifer Taylor on Facebook, and the winner of the re-draw will be notified by phone and email on Wednesday 25th September 2019.
  • The results of the re-draw will be announced publicly on the vividity photography by Jennifer Taylor Facebook page and also on the vividity blog (as above).
  • Entrants understand that if these terms and conditions are not met by the winner, the prize will be forfeited and an instant re-draw will take place.
  • One entry per person only
  • Entrants may only enter on their own behalf and may not submit names and contact details on behalf of another person.
  • Prize:
    There is one prize in this competition: $1200 print and product credit to be used to purchase images from the winner’s “This is 50” photoshoot.
  • The prize is not transferrable, nor can the prize be taken in whole or in part as cash.
  • Employees and family members of employees of Jennifer Taylor t/a vividity are not eligible for entry into this competition.
  • This competition is being run by Jennifer Taylor t/a vividity. Studio address: 2B Northcote Street, St Leonards, NSW, 2065.
  • This competition is a game of chance and is being conducted under Licence number: LTPS/19/36314


*Well…. that’s the working title. It might change between now and when I’m all finished with it.

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